Be Kind to Your Employees, but Don’t Always Be Nice by Dan Pallotta

March 18, 2014 12:55 pm Published by Leave your thoughts

Dan makes some great points that impact many physician organizations.  Often the empathy that makes a physician great at their primary job causes struggles in their leadership role. We coach our clients to properly manage and apply their empathy:

  • We encourage physicians to help those employees who have been long term trusted resources for their business, but that the physician cannot take responsibility for bad personal decisions made by employees.
  • We coach physicians to properly work with underperforming employees on performance improvement plans – employers can provide a framework for improvement but the employee must take the initiative to improve.
  • Many physicians are inclined to view their business as a family.  While employees often respect and adore the physicians – most will not continue working if the paycheck does not clear – it is a business relationship.  When the employee makes a business decision to quit, too often the physician leader is victim of hurt feelings.
  • In any business there comes a time when leaders must act and terminate an employee.  Physicians need to learn how to act swiftly, professionally and kindly in that termination.  Sometimes terminating an employee is the best thing a leader can do for that employee – set them free to pursue a path the employee will enjoy working within.

See Dan’s article here.

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