From HBR Blog: Your Company is not a Family

June 20, 2014 8:00 pm Published by Leave your thoughts

This article is a good read for every private practice physician. It is critical in today’s healthcare environment that practices strive for continuous improvement in all areas.  Sometimes that means long term employees may not fit the future due to diminished or undeveloped skills, lack of desire to perform or an unwillingness to change.  These make for difficult situations for physician owners as they must temper the personal empathy that makes them good physicians.

There are times for loyalty and reward for term of service, but it must be tempered by the demands of the business and it’s future. At the same time, how many of your employees would stick with you if the paycheck does not arrive? I suspect they would quickly protect their family over your company.

Hoffman, Casnocha and Yeh provide a strong case for evaluating every relationship here.

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