Management’s Responsibility to Develop Talent

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Linked below is an excellent article from Monique Valcour via HBR Blog. The cultivation of talent at every level of the organization is critical to success in any industry.  In our experience, may physician operations struggle with the cultivation of talent for fear employees will leave for greener pastures.  Are you breaking down the barriers to development for your employees?

“If You’re Not Helping People Develop, You’re Not Management Material

Skilled managers have never been more critical to the success of firms than they are today.  Not because employees can’t function without direction, but because managers play a vital role in talent management. Gone are the comprehensive career management systems and expectations of long-term employment that once functioned as the glue in the employer-employee contract.  In their place, the manager-employee dyad is the new building block of learning and development in firms….more

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